About Michiel

The Origin Story


Michiel Arkema

In 2014, Michiel wrote his first line of code for the Rust game server he had at the time. Eventually, 5 years later he decided to pursue the world of web development and managed to land multiple positions in government facilities in the Netherlands as a web developer.

However, during his web development journey, he saw that many people struggled to learn to code due to over-complicated information on the internet.

So he decided to help those people out by providing new techniques and frameworks to help struggling beginner coders — so they can achieve their dream careers as web developers.

This eventually led to the creation of the Confident Coders Community which is an underground group of developers who want more out of their life and career.


Michiel Arkema grew up in a tiny farmer’s village called Yde in The Netherlands and is the oldest brother of 2 kids. From an early age, he’s always been very creative and loves using his imagination to create things. But unfortunately, he struggled with learning due to his ADHD and only wanted to do things he was interested in himself. So he was placed at a special school for children with learning disabilities.

Clearly being super creative, he decided to try out many things like Painting, building wooden structures, and playing with Lego. But none of these worked out since Michiel struggles a lot with doing manual labor using his hands from an early age.

But all of that changed when for Christmas 2014, his father gave him his very own game server for a game called Rust, which led to Michiel discovering the world of coding.


Then in 2019, Michiel finished school and was accepted to study Software Development at the Alfa College in Groningen, Netherlands. Within only three weeks of going there, the teachers noticed his extensive knowledge and experience in writing code and offered Michiel a customized learning path, which he gladly accepted.

In this new learning path, Michiel was to spend 2 years working for a company as a developer. This was good news for him as he always wanted to land a job at a company called the RDW, which is a government facility responsible for managing car license plates in the country and the registration of vehicles.

But there was one major problem: The company didn’t accept anyone from Michiel’s major. Of course, Michiel is someone who doesn’t give up easily so he still decided to apply and luckily for him, he got accepted for the interview which he passed as well.

This meant Michiel was the first ever person from his college and major to land a position at the RDW as a developer.

Now, he has a career as a Professional Web Developer.


The Confident Coder's Academy was Founded on September 13th, 2023.  It's missing is to empower aspiring web developers across the world by providing completely new ways of learning to code and become a professional web developer.

As of 2024, the academy was officially launched and is actively working on spreading it's message.